Got a Hole in Your Bucket [List]?

by SandMan on February 6, 2011

Buckets.  Lots of buckets.

You might not be as excited about them as we are.  In fact, if you’re in our neck of the woods in the Farmington Valley in Connecticut, we suspect you might be a little bit cranky about buckets right now – specially today as temperatures nearing 40 degrees (only temporarily) begin to melt away the “snowmageddon” that has replaced the standard winter season around here and cause pesky leaks to plague homes and businesses.

Nonetheless, buckets make us smile.  Ed Jarrett dreams about buckets and the thousands of volunteers who will come out in April to participate in the bucket brigades necessary to raise tons of money for charity and build a record-breaking World’s Tallest Sandcastle.  And, the good news?  Punxsutawney Phil did NOT see his shadow last week.  Could spring be coming early?  We sure hope so.

But, what about your Bucket List?  Any holes?
Kind or morbid, we know.  But, really, can you blame us for having buckets on the brain?  We’re going to need 250,000 buckets filled with sand to get that sandcastle to 35 feet!

If you stopped reading this blog right now (please don’t – stay with us until the end) and began compiling your bucket list, what would make your Top 10?  Would you include breaking a Guinness World Record?  Are you good enough at anything that you could break a record?  Possibly.  Possibly not.  Here’s where being a good team player is going to pay off.  Big.

Carry some sand for us in April and you will have that coveted claim to fame.  When we reach our 35-foot destination, you can say you helped break a Guinness World Record!

As an added bonus, you can raise money for charity – either our two designated beneficiaries, Save Walton Pond at Winding Trails and Special Olympics Connecticut, or an organization of your choice (please see our “Get Involved” section for more information).

Kind of a no-brainer, right?  We think so.

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