Site Preparation Begins!

by SandMan on March 28, 2011

At 7:00 this morning, Dunning Sand & Gravel delivered the first load of sand for our project.  We then spent the day spreading and packing sand to level the surface in preparation for the first level of the “wooden bucket” (or form).

You see, to build the world’s tallest sandcastle (even in frigid not-so-spring-just-yet temperatures with a decent wind blowing), you’ve got to take a somewhat similar approach to building a castle at the beach on a beautiful summer day.  At the beach, you fill a bucket with wet sand, turn it over, gently lift it off and, viola!, you have a beautifully formed sand structure.

When you want to reach a Guinness World Record-breaking 35 feet tall, your bucket needs to be really big.  And really stable, standing firmly on level ground.  And, built and packed with sand layer by layer from the ground up.  In the sun, in the cold, in the wind, in the rain, and, possibly, IN THE SNOW!  Yes, there is snow in the forecast for Friday, April 1 – the day we begin filling the wooden bucket with sand. “We’ll be building a sandcastle in the snow,” says Ed Jarrett. “I’ve never done that before. It will be a great visual!”

The following is a video in which Ed Jarrett recaps the first day of site preparation.  Though difficult to hear due to the gusting wind, he is thrilled with the support and hard work of many volunteers already and is excited for the official kick-off at the end of the week. Huge thanks to all who have dedicated their time thus far!

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