If you would like to raise money for your non-profit group or business (for a charity of your choice) please fill in the fundraiser information in the form below. You will be contacted and sent information to get your group or business signed up to participate. It is very simple, your group or business sells buckets of sand for $1 each and you get to keep 100% of the money you raise. Each bucket sold must have a name or sponsor associated with it, so that they can be recognized/verified on the castle site.

Each group or business that participates in fundraising is asked in return to commit to at least one day on the castle site to help pack sand. Available dates and times for sand packing will be determined once your fundraising time period is determined. All fundraising activities are currently being scheduled through the end of June. The volume of volunteers signing up will determine if the sand packing and fundraising schedule will be extended beyond June.